May, 21 is World Day for Cultural Diversity.

May, 21 is World Day for Cultural Diversity.

It´s Cultural Diversity´s Day! We have been preparing some class activities about diversity and multiculturalism in Kindergarten. We are going to talk about basic vocabulary related to Diversity, such as, Different, Individuals, Valuing Each other, Regardless of  Skin, Intellect, Talents or Years.


We would like our students to reflect on the meaning of stereotypes and with some songs could also be fun...

En Educación Infantil, vamos a hablar del día de la diversidad cultural, al vez que aprenderemos algún vocabulario básico:  diferencia, individualidad, respeto, intelecto... Además, vamos a cantar la canción " The More We Get Together".

Here you are some sites where you can surf to get more information about this celebration.

UN website:

UNESCO site:

Do one thing for Diversity and Inclusion:


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